[Fong Ting Ng] (2): Research – influences, art expectations

Influence from Nature

I have started to do my research by watching videos online. In the group, we had concluded that we wanted to create a dome experience that is about the nature and I liked the idea about changing seasons. Therefore, I have included a few videos here that has inspired me.

Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery.
The Great British Year: Four Seasons | BBC Teach
Planet Earth Is In Our Hands: And We’re Destroying It

Also, I have started to research what kind of visual effect I would like to contain in the video. There are a few images and screenshots from videos that had inspired me. I would like to use them as my reference to create the scenarios in the video. I realised that I like close up of nature and long shot of landscapes and I want to include these spectacular elements in the video.

Art Style (Reference)

I think the space in the dome can be more than looking realistic. Therefore I have started to look what kind of art pieces the other artists had produced to inspire myself.

Prolight + Sound 2017 Light Show
Hayward Gallery – Light Show – Olafur Eliasson – Model for a Timeless Garden


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